Djokovic will not take advantage of confinement to overtake Federer

According to “The Team”, ATP has frozen the ranking of players. The Serb will always remain behind Pete Sampras and the Basel.

ATP confirmed the information via an exchange of emails with the French daily newspaper “L’Équipe”: the count of the weeks at the top of the ATP ranking will remain blocked for the duration of the current break linked to the coronavirus.

The counter of Novak Djokovic, current No.1 worldwide, stops momentarily at 282 weeks spent at the top of the world hierarchy. At first, the questions remained: would the weeks spent in confinement be counted in the final ranking? Was Djokovic going to overtake Federer without even playing?

Four weeks from Pete Sampras

The answer now seems to be known. The Serb only points to four weeks of the retired American Pete Sampras (286) and to twenty-eight of Roger Federer (ATP 4), who holds the absolute record with 310 weeks as No.1 world.

“The classification freeze also applies to other areas, as you can see on the page (of the ATP official website) dedicated to the weeks spent in the first rank in the world,” ATP confirmed in an email to French daily newspaper.

The circuit is currently on break at least until July 13. The last ATP ranking was established on March 16, with the following quintet:

  1. Novak Djokovic (10,220 points)
  2. Rafael Nadal (9850)
  3. Dominic Thiem (7045)
  4. Roger Federer (6630)
  5. Daniil Medvedev (5890)

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