According to the specialized media, Apple is preparing to release a device called iPhone SE or iPhone 9 which will sell from 400 dollars. Meanwhile the iPhone 12.

Pandemic or not, Apple is about to launch a new entry-level iPhone, according to the rumor that has swelled in recent weeks in Silicon Valley.

According to specialized media, the new kid could be called iPhone SE or iPhone 9 (the brand having gone directly from “8” to “X”, or “10” in Roman letters) and be marketed at a minimum price of 400 dollars .

This is much less than the brand’s flagships (the trilogy number 11, released at the end of 2019), but the technology giant would thus generate additional income, while the current health and economic crisis is severely affecting its production of devices in China. Industry leader Samsung released new devices under $ 500 last week. Google could follow the same path.

A start that surprises

“Launching a smartphone mid-cycle, against the backdrop of a pandemic and global consumer containment, will surprise more than one,” admits Daniel Ives, analyst at Wedbush Securities. But Apple could thus sell between 20 and 25 million new phones while waiting for its new star, the iPhone 12, to see the light of day, the expert estimates.

The release schedules of electronic devices will indeed be disrupted by delays in production in factories. “For Apple it is a fanless release, with low volumes, because these phones are ready to be shipped,” he considers.

Sales would take place mainly online, without queues in front of stores on the first day, confinement requires.

A few hundred dollars

Despite speculation on the web, the group remained silent. The South Korean juggernaut Samsung released several new smartphones last week. One of them includes the possibility of using ultra-fast 5G waves and costs less than $ 500. “People have less money to spend, but they still want better technology,” says Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies.

The latest devices, folding or not, with or without 5G, can be worth up to $ 1,500. An iPhone of the prestigious brand sold for “only” 400 dollars, is likely to convince consumers whose current device is showing signs of weakness. Or those who want a better built-in camera or a longer lasting battery.

“In the United States, there were only luxury or cheap smartphones. But the intermediate range is making a comeback, ”she adds.

Priority issue

The design and production of the phones to go on sale this year began long before the pandemic. Google generally launches its new devices at its annual developer conference, which was scheduled for May, before the containment measures lead to its cancellation. The Californian group could release the Pixel 4A, to succeed the previous model at a reduced price.

But manufacturers must now take into account the economic and social context, while nearly 17 million Americans have registered unemployment in three weeks.

“Between buying a new iPhone and eating, people prefer to eat,” says Patrick Moorhead, of Moor Insights and Strategy. As for wealthier households, they have rather invested recently in computers, desktops or laptops, according to Carolina Milanesi. “Many people do not leave their homes, so mobility does not top their priorities.”

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